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50% Discount on PumiceSafe Universal Cleaner 5L

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PumiceSafe Universal Cleaner 5L

50% Discount on 2 x PumiceSafe Universal Cleaner 5L

PumiceSafe - Alcohol Free Universal Cleaner can be used in a pumice tray instead of water to produce a minty fragranced micro-organism free slurry.
This multi purpose product can be used to soak lathe brushes or as a tabletop surface cleaner.

Non-foamy, it is used to produce a pleasant smelling microorganism-free pumice slurry and it also helps reduce the presence of dust within the Laboratory environment.

Alcohol-free, it does not dry out or irritate the Technician’s skin during frequent contact.

It has a pleasant minty fragrance, which helps generate a more pleasant working environment.


Buy 2 x 5L PumiceSafe Universal Cleaner 
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Offer valid until 31/03/2021

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