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Diamond Core

Diamond Core Pack 10g/7ml

Diamond Core is a hand-mixed glass ionomer cement for build up fillings, linings and core build up. Diamond Core is chemical curing with a light blue shade to make it more distinctive when used for core build up. Fluoride release is another significant advantage.

Diamond Core provides dentists with a clinically proven restorative material that effectively performs highly aesthetic restorative procedures. Diamond Core is also far less susceptible to moisture around the operating site, partly due to its rapid chemical snap-set and its healthier, mercury-free composition. It quite categorically adheres to both enamel and dentine, without the need for acid etching – saving time and additional expense. Finally,it is radiopaque, carveable, has no acidic taste and a high compressive strength >200 Mpa after 24 hours.

Shades: pale blue
Packaging: 10g/7ml

Working time from start of mix: at 22-24°C 2 minute 15 seconds.
Mixing time: at 22-24°C 40-60 seconds
Setting Time: 3 minute 15 seconds




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