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Kemsil Duplicating Silicone


Kemsil Duplicating silicone is a easy to use addition-cured duplicating system with added wetting agent. Dental Technicians already appreciate the greater accuracy and stability offered by addition-cured silicones.

You simply mix equal parts of Kemsil A + B to produce probably the best duplicating silicone you have ever used!

  • Quick and clean
  • No messy activator
  • Easy to measure and mix
  • Shore A hardness 20


Kemsil Duplicating silicone sets in just 5 minutes, but if you need to work faster you can. Kemsil Duplicating silicone uses the latest addition-cure silicone technology; this allows you to speed up the setting time simply by warming the mixture.

Kemsil Duplicating silicone is designed for the most accurate duplication of master models.

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