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Sticky Wax

Model Cement

Sticky Wax | Dental Wax Products

Sticky Wax also known as model cement. Melt the end of the stick with a gas flame and use as wax glue. For removal just reheat and the wax melts cleanly away without residue.

CodeNameUnitPrice (excl. VAT)Add to Order
DWS401STICKY WAX 70g OriginalBox4.81
DWS402STICKY WAX 500g OriginalBox22.22
DWS411STICKY WAX 70g YellowBox4.81
DWS412STICKY WAX 500g YellowBox22.22
DWS421STICKY WAX 70g RedBox4.81
DWS422STICKY WAX 500g RedBox22.22

Kemdent offer three different colours to provide a visible contrast against other materials being used.
Colours: Natural. Bright Red and Bright Yellow
Consistency: Brittle