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Strip Crowns Standard


Kemdents range of Strip Crowns offers the dentist a comprehensive selection of anatomically contoured flexible tooth forms, catering for upper anteriors - centrals, laterals, canines and premolars as well as lower incisors. Strip Crowns are suitable for use with all types of composites and other filling materials.

The various shapes have been carefully researched to meet most requirements. Another important feature is that the inside of the strip crown is highly finished which means that hardly any further polishing is required after removal.

In addition the crown can be adapted for individual cases; they can be cut to the precise shape desired by using a pair of scissors. or enlarged by using a heated. rounded instrument. Of particular importance is the extreme thinness - 0.18mm on average.


  • Uses:
  • Making temporary jacket and post crowns directly in the mouth.
  • As a matrix for making individual teeth for partial dentures.
  • For repairing or facing a broken incisal edge.
  • As part of the build-up technique.


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