Top reasons to choose InstrumentSafe

Kemdent introduces InstrumentSafe, its disinfectant that will help keep your dental equipment safe, clean and compliant

InstrumentSafe Disinfectant 1L and 5LThe Department of Health’s Decontamination Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices describes the essential steps required for the safe and effective sterilisation of dental instruments. This includes the use of either a washer-disinfector, manual cleaning combined with ultrasonic cleaning or manual cleaning only. It stresses the importance of effective cleaning of instruments as an essential prerequisite before sterilisation because it will reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents.

Within the Best Practice framework the use of either an ultrasonic cleaner or washer-disinfector is recommended in preference to manual cleaning only, unless the manufacturer specifies that the device is not compatible with automated processes.

Instruments should be cleaned as soon as possible after use because they may be more easily cleaned than those left for a number of hours before reprocessing. Where this is not possible, water immersion or the use of a foam or gel intended to maintain a moist or humid environment are thought useful in aiding subsequent decontamination.



InstrumentSafe Disinfectant PouringSupplied in a concentrated form, InstrumentSafe has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of HTM 01-05 and all the other relevant regulations and standards regarding the disinfection of instruments prior to autoclaving within the Practice environment.

Aldehyde and Phenol-free, InstrumentSafe is recommended for the disinfection and cleaning of dental instruments including rotary instruments prior to autoclaving. It can be used with both thermo-labile and thermo-stable instruments.

InstrumentSafe is supplied in a concentrated liquid presentation, which is easily diluted in water to produce different concentration working solutions, which should be changed daily or when it has become visibly contaminated.


Feedback from existing users

This is what some practices who have already swapped to InstrumentSafe had to say:


Alex Harvey - Practice Manager - Johnstown Dental Practice, Wrexham:

"We first started using InstrumentSafe in 2012. Prior to that we used a different brand but we didn't like it because it didn't kill as many viruses as InstrumentSafe and there was a lack of support information available. It was also more expensive.

We use a 2% InstrumentSafe solution because it's stronger and therefore theoretically even more effective. We use it in an Ultrasonic bath to disinfect and clean all our instruments. We always use an Ultrasonic bath because it helps to debride the instruments, but we'd be happy to use it as an instrument soak, if left for an appropriate time, if there wasn't an Ultrasonic bath available. However in this situation we'd manually scrub the instruments first.

"We produce a fresh batch of InstrumentSafe every time we need one and change it either at the beginning of each session or when it is visibly contaminated. We find the dosing bottle very easy to use"


Jon Stark - Baddow Road Dental Surgery, Chelmsford:

"We switched to InstrumentSafe about 18 months ago. We use it to disinfect and clean all our instruments daily. We fill a sink to the level marked on the side with water and add enough InstrumentSafe to make up five litres of 2% solution. We do this daily. We find the fragrance pleasant and not overpowering"



When using InstrumentSafe, as recommended by the manufacturer, it delivers a reliable, effective and extremely economical means of disinfecting instruments that helps protect the practice staff and the patients from risk of cross infection.


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