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10% Discount On 5 x Kemdent Shellac Special Tray Blanks 72/box

Model: PAT112
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Kemdent Special Tray Blank Plain Upper XL Green 72

10% Discount On 5 x Kemdent Shellac Special Tray Blanks Plain Upper XL Green 72/box

Offer Price: £241.65 + VAT 

RRP: £268.50 + VAT 

Offer Ends: 30/09/2024

Kemdent Shellac Special Tray blanks are a firm favourite with Dentists and Technicians. Quick and easy to adapt by flame or hot water to produce individual custom trays for the most accurate impressions.

Kemdent Shellac Special Trays Green are available in only plain uppers.

  • Working Temp: 45°C-55°C
  • Thickness: 2.25mm approx


Hints & Tips: 

Put the Blank in a saucer or flat basin and cover it with nearly boiling water. This will soften the Blank evenly, then it can be roughly adapted to model to form the Impression Tray. The Tray can now be trimmed to the desired shape and depth by heating the edges over a Bunsen Burner and cutting with a pair of scissors. Any final adaptions can be made locally by softening over the Bunsen.
To fix the handle, heat the curved perforated part in a Bunsen and press on to the ridge of the tray. If correctly heated the handle will become firmly embedded.

Warning: Hot Blanks can cause burns

For use by Dental Professionals only

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