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Multi Discount on 4 x Prophylaxis Paste Bubblegum 200g

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Kemdent Prophylaxis Paste Bubblegum 200g

Multi Discount on 4 x Kemdent Prophylaxis Paste Bubblegum 200g 

Multi Discount when you buy 4 x Kemdent Prophylaxis Paste Bubblegum Flavour 200g

Offer Price: £18.34 + VAT
RRP: £26.20 + VAT

Offer ends: 23/12/2021

Your patients will enjoy Kemdent's Bubblegum Prophylaxis Paste flavour. The paste has a special viscosity which ensures paste clings to the brush. It is thixotropic so will not spatter and does not contain fluoride. It's unique formulation effectively eliminates drink and food stains quickly and easily.




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