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CAD CAM Wax Discs

CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 14mm Blue
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 14mm Grey
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 14mm White
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 16mm Blue
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 16mm White
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 20mm Blue
CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 25mm White

Used in the fabrication of wax models, the wax discs burn out without a trace. Not for intra-oral use. used for up to 30 units. Use in the lost wax process for casting, making denture restorations and for frameworks for crown and bridge models. Leaves no residue and has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion. Not soluble in water. 
packaging: 1 Wax blank per box

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INSTRUCTIONS for dentists/dental technicians
Use: For the manufacturing of the wax scaffolding of dental implants with plastic covered crowns, through CAD/CAM systems.
1. General
The wax discs can be processed with different milling systems.
2. Storage
Protect from humidity and sunlight.
3. Area of application:
The forming wax is not designed for use in oral application. The material can be used for the preparation of dental
crowns and bridges. Since it burns out leaving without residues, it is suitable for the preparation of casting moulds and
ceramic moulding processes.
4. Processing
The wax milled scaffoldings can be removed with the help of appropriate cutters or cutting discs.
5a. Installation of the casting channel
The setting and the selection of the diameter of the casting channel depends on the used devices and alloys or
pressed ceramics.
5b. Embedding
Line the silicon or metal muffle with a liner. Mix and embed the investment material under vacuum
observing the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the investment material and alloys.
6. Disposal
Uncontaminated residues can be re-used for wax related activities. Since the product is insoluble
in water, it can disposed of together with normal household waste.