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Green Stick

Tracing Sticks Green 15/box

Kemdent Impression Compound Green Sticks,

Impression Compound Green stick material primarily used for border extensions on impression trays.

The high viscosity also makes it ideal when recording the full depth of the sulcus.

Impression compound sticks can also be used to modify a dentate tray by building up material where teeth have been extracted, additionally perfect for adding a bit more lingual extension to stock trays.

‘Top Up’ any under-extended areas with greenstick. It gives you greater definition of the sulcal depth and well supported extensions.

Available in Green  15 Sticks/box


Immerse the Composition in Hot water at 45-50°C, or gently flame over a bunsen yellow flame (bunsen air hole closed) 

Caution : Molten material may burn

Dental professional use only


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