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Godiva Red Impression Cakes.

Impression Compound is a thermoplastic material which softens when heated and hardens when cooled, providing an accurate full or partial impression.

A major advantage of impression compound materials is that they are very easy to adjust. Alterations to the impression can be made by removing replacing or adding material until a satisfactory result is obtained. Impression compound is more rigid when set and can be softened again if you need to make more adjustments. This helps achieve an accurate impression. 

- Each disc measures 82mm diameter x 7mm depth. approx. 50g

5 Discs per box. 250g.


Immerse the Composition in Hot water at 50-55°C, when softened knead it thoroughly through fingers and place in a dry impression tray.

Add impression compound to the edentulous areas to push the soft tissues out of the way. Remember you want an overextended impression for your primary.

Do not Overheat, material will become sticky.

Caution : Molten material may burn

Dental professional use only

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