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KemKat is suitable for copper band impressions and for adding to an impression tray. The high viscosity also makes them ideal when recording the full depth of the sulcus. The convienient shape allows you to break off only what you need for partials or additions, creating less waste.

Packaging: 7 cakes per box

Highly viscous and excellent at capturing the full sulcal depth of the oral cavity, this solution is a must-have for clinicians who value excellent detail and who want to ensure that their impressions are outstanding, every time.’

                                         - Mike Gregory BDS, Clinical Lecturer Bristol University 


Caution : Molten material may burn

Dental professional use only

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Ideal Working temperature between 50-55C, Do Not Overheat. 

Heat in a Water Bath, 

mould into impression tray. ready to take impression. make a mistake, you can reheat and start again!