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Acron Hi - High Impact Acrylic


Acron Hi is a true high impact strength acrylic which is perfect for the provision of high-quality denture work. It utilises Kemdent's unique Multi-Matrix Technology to produce dentures that are highly resistant to breakage and fracture. It produces a soft packable 'dough' that is ideal for all processing protocols including injection moulding systems because it can be processed using a rapid 20-minute or longer curing cycle in boiling water.

Once mixed, Acron Hi exhibits a relatively soft dough stage. This makes it easier to pack into moulds because it flows more easily and smoothly, an advantage if you are using an injection moulding process. Using Acron Hi ensures a better fit and requires less post-processing work to finish the denture. It also exhibits an increased stiffness, after processing, which makes it easier to trim and polish for most technicians. Finally some acrylics can be cured in just 20 minutes but may contain a high level of residual monomer, which can result in allergic reactions and reduce strength of the finished prosthesis. Acron Hi, by ensuring a lower level of residual monomer can minimise the risk of allergic reactions and produce dentures that are stronger and less likely to fracture because of increased cross-linking. The level of residual monomer can be controlled also by always using the correct powder to liquid mixing ratio and by using a slow cure overnight.

Gareth, a dental technician from J T Hemming Dental Laboratory, shares his experience of using the product:

“I’ve been working at the laboratory for 13 years and we’ve always used the Acron Hi – High Impact Denture Base Acrylic.

“It’s very robust, is easy to handle and has a really good finish, and the colour is preferred by our clients.

“The working time is great, as you get plenty of time to pack other jobs and the product doesn’t go off.”

Pack sizes: 42g/20ml, 250g/110ml, 1kg/500ml, 3kg, 50kg

Colour: Original Veined, Light Pink Veined

Working Time: Extended Working time of <25 mins at room temperature.

Processed using a rapid 20 minute or longer cycle in boiling water

For dental professional use only








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Instructions for use - F049 Denture Base Acrylics Issue 8



A timed comparision using Kemdent's Acron Hi - High Impact Denture Base Acrylic and Acron Express Quick Dough Denture Base Acrylic