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Alminax Rite Bite

Alminax Rite Bite Index 30

Alminax Rite Bite Index is a bite registration wax that is already shaped to mouth allowing adequate space for the patients tongue. It creates a reliable bite registration because heat spreads uniformly throughout its volume producing a soft consistency that deforms easily when a patient bites into it. The thickness and consistency has been specially chosen to provide the most accurate registration. Alminax Rite Bite incorporates a metal strip for enhanced accuracy and reliability. 

  • 2.4mm thick.
  • Full Arch Bite Wafers
  • Preformed to U shape
  • Colour: Silver Grey
  • Softens at 55°C
  • Packaging: 30 per box/ 24 reinforced + 6 plain

    Caution: If overheated, molten wax may burn
    For dental professional use only



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Instructions for use

Instructions for use – F009 Alminax Rite Bite Instructions Issue 3


Hints and tips for success

Alminax Wax Wafer
The Alminax Rite Bite Wafer.Add some unstiffened wax wafer to
the area of the prepared teeth.
Soften the modified Rite Bite wafer
in a warm water bath at 55°C.
Trim the posterior area with scissors.
Return the trimmed Rite Bite Wafer to
the water bath to soften it evenly.
The Rite Bite wafer in situ.Remove the Rite Bite wafer and
cool it gently.
The most crucial step, cut off the buccal
and labial excess using scissors or a knife.
Cut off the posterior excess in
the retromolar area.
The models correctly articulated using
the trimmed Rite Bite wafer.




Find out more about Alminax Bite Registration in this informative article Click Here