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Anutex Wax 2.5kg
Anutex Wax 500g
Anutex Wax 6 x 2.5 kg

Kemdent's most popular European wax. It has excellent handling qualities and is the best choice for high-quality work.

Anutex modelling wax sheets are used by the technician to create the preliminary denture base for the dentist to try in the patients mouth.

  • Colour: Translucent Pink
  • Sheet size: 187mm x 88mm x 1.5mm thick
  • Pack size: 500g (24 sheets)
  • 2.5kg (120 sheets approx)
  • 20kg (960 sheets approx)
  • Will not irritate oral tissues.
  • No unpleasant odour or flavour.
  • Softens without becoming flaky or crumbly.
  • Does not adhere fingers.
  • Trims easily and cleanly.
  • Shows a smooth glossy surface after gentle flaming.
  • Does not distort unduly in the mouth.

Anutex baseplate wax is also available in 5lb boxes for the U.S market.


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“I have been working with Kemdent for years, if not decades. I have stayed with them because their products deliver good colour stability and consistent quality time and time again.

“Anutex wax is easy to work with, it melts evenly and is easy to control when warm without going claggy – other modelling waxes can become soft and split when heated. Anutex holds its form when heated up and doesn’t shrink much on cooling. It is also easy to carve and provides a nice shiny finish when you flame it. It’s an all-round good quality product and I use Anutex for most if not all of the prosthetic work in the lab.

“In addition, the Kemdent team is always on time and efficient, I couldn’t ask for more.” 

Roy Davies of Oakview Restorations Ltd comments on Anutex Modelling wax from Kemdent


Learn more about Anutex Modelling Wax by reading this article : Achieving efficient prosthodontic workflows with Anutex wax

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Martyn Young Dental Technician demonstrates the properties of Anutex modelling wax sheets and bite blocks in the preparation of a trial set up