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Anutex HS


A versatile summer wax, stable across a wide range of temperatures and in the mouth. A harder wax with great handling properties. 

Anutex HS is a new high temperature stability modelling wax offering more accurate try-in and less risk of distortion in the mouth.

  • High temperature stability.
  • Less risk of distortion in the mouth.
  • Easy to work and fabricate.
  • Special aesthetic pink shade.
  • High gloss finish.
  • An ideal wax for high quality work.
  • Will not irritate oral tissues.
  • No unpleasant odour or flavour.
  • Softens without becoming flaky or crumbly.
  • Does not adhere fingers.
  • Trims easily and cleanly.
  • Shows a smooth glossy surface after gentle flaming.
  • Does not distort unduly in the mouth.

Rafi Hayrapetyan of Apex Dental Lab in Chelmsford has been a dental technician for 39 years. Here he shares why he has used Anutex HS Modelling Wax for several decades – which he has purchased from Kemdent for the last 15 years:

“I have used other waxes, but I always have Anutex High Stability (HS) Modelling Wax to hand. It is superb for what I want it to do and for the quality I strive to achieve in my lab.

“What I like most is the stability of the material. You can work well with it and shape it, but it remains stable in your hands, without feeling brittle or breaking easily. It also provides a really good finish when you flame it – plus it looks absolutely fantastic in the mouth. I use a spearmint spray which lightens the material slightly and enhances the pleasant flavour – it looks stunning when sent back to the dentist. As I only provide  private work, these little touches make a significant difference to the quality of my services and the satisfaction of my clients and patients.

“I would definitely recommend Anutex HS Modelling Wax to others – it is excellent to work with, beautiful in colour and reliably stable. What’s more, if I have ever had any queries, the Kemdent team have always provided a solution quickly and efficiently, no questions or excuses, just answers. I am a very happy customer!”

Anutex HS baseplate wax is also available in 5lb boxes for the U.S market


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