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Perfecta Pink Base Plates offer the maximum accuracy at the try-in stage of a denture.

Colour: Pink

Thickness: 1.25mm

Working Temperature: 45°C - 55°C

Melting Point: 110°C - 120°C

Packaging: 100 per box

Hints & Tips: 

This Base Plate is the correct thickness for Upper Dentures and is readily moulded under Dry Heat or Hot Water to any shape desired.
The material is perfectly rigid and does not alter shape once it is moulded correctly and chilled.

DIRECTIONS: Warm a Base Plate Blank over a Bunsen flame or in hot water, and with fingers press into position over the palatal surface of the model. See that the model is slightly moistened if dry, to prevent the material from sticking to the model if slightly overheated. Now, holding the plate to the model with the thumb, re-heat the overhang and adapt it to the gum ridge. Re-heat as often as necessary and carefully press to shape. Do not, on any account, attempt to adapt when cooled or under heated.

While the material is soft, it can be trimmed to approximate required size with a knife blade or scissors. Re-heat and carefully press finally to shape of model.
When material is cold the material can be filed. If properly manipulated, a perfect fit is obtained, it will not warp and the bite can be accurately taken.

When using a Lower Plate, it is advisable to strengthen with an extra thickness of material, particularly in partial cases and where natural front teeth are standing. Use an extra piece of material of required size, shape upon the part to be reinforced and fuse the edges together with a Bunsen Flame. Teeth can be attached to the base plate with wax and articulation tested.

Caution: Do not overheat as molten material my cause thermal burns. Use dust extraction and wear a mask to avoid inhalation of dust when grinding.

For use by Dental Professionals only


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