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FREE 1L PlasterSafe when you buy 1 x Lab Putty 4.5kg

Model: SIL045
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PlasterSafe - Plaster Solvent & Tray Cleaner 1L
Kemsil Precise Lab Putty Pack 4.5kg

FREE  PlasterSafe Solvent 1L when you buy 1 x Kemsil Precise Lab Putty 4.5kg

Offer Price: £88.35 + VAT

RRP: £99.35 + VAT

Offer ends: 29/06/2024

- Kemsil Precise is a revolutionary new easy to use addition-cured lab putty. Dental Technicians already appreciate how versatile and useful lab putty can be. Kemdent have made it quick and easy to use by offering the latest technology in a simple way.

- PlasterSafe Plaster Solvent and Tray Cleaner is alcohol free, ready to use solution that aids the safe removal of dental plaster and stone from the fitted surface of dentures and the hard to reach areas.

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