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Kemdent Orthodontic Resin Glitter Pink 50g

Model: ACR477

Aesthetic orthodontic resin, particulalrly popular with younger patients. The same high quality Kemdent orthodontic acrylic but with a splash of glitter & color to suit the interest of each patient.. By using color, sequential treatment stages can also be easily identified.


  • Colour stable
  • exceptional clarity
  • Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, and Purple to make appliances

INDICATIONS Mix Orthodontic powder and liquid to form a selfcure (autopolymerising) acrylic resin. Orthodontic powder conforms to BS EN ISO 20795-1 Type II Class I.

PROPORTIONS AND MIXING Dispense 15g liquid and sprinkle in 25g Orthodontic powder. Stir ensuring a full mix. Apply immediately. Kemdent Orthodontic Powder and liquid is also suitable for “Salt and Pepper” technique.

CURING For best results cure in hydroflask at 40°C for 20 minutes at 30psi.Remove carefully, trim and polish Will also self cure in 20 minutes NOTE: Prior to curing, ensure model has not been allowed to dry out as trapped air may affect the quality of acrylic.


CONTRAINDICATIONS AND SIDE EFFECTS The curing of Orthodontic powder involves an exothermic reaction so care must be taken if it is handled whilst setting. Cured material may cause an allergic reaction in those susceptible Methyl Methacrylate. May cause sensitisation by skin contact.

PRECAUTIONS For use by the Dental Profesional only Liquid: Mixture based Methyl Methacrylate Monomer

RISK PHRASES Highly flammable Flash Point below 11°C Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Danger of cumulative effects Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin May cause sensitisation by skin contact

SAFETY PHRASES Keep container in well ventilated place Keep away from sources of ignition - no smoking Do not empty in to drains Take precautionary measures against static discharge Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight In case of contact with eyes and skin: flush with copious volumes of water. Seek medical attention Store below 25°C. Replace cap immediately after use.

Powder: replace cap after use Do not inhale dust Store between 5-25°C

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