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Kemsil Precise Lab Putty

Kemsil Precise Lab Putty Pack 1.5kg
Kemsil Precise Lab Putty Pack 4.5kg

Kemsil Precise is a revolutionary new easy to use addition-cured lab putty. Dental Technicians already appreciate how versatile and useful lab putty can be. Kemdent have made it quick and easy to use by offering the latest technology in a simple way.

It is so easy to prepare and use that we call it childs play!
You simply mix equal parts of Kemsil A + B to produce probably the best lab putty you have ever used!

  • Quick and clean
  • No messy activator
  • Easy to measure and mix
  • Shore A hardness 90


The benefits do not stop with the mixing and preparation. The technology used in Kemsil Precise lab putty offers even greater accuracy, with up to 70% less shrinkage than conventional condensation-cured putties.

Kemsil Precise lab putty can be used for:

  • Production of copy denture moulds.
  • Processing denture repairs.
  • Construction of partial dentures.
  • Cold-curing CoCr saddles.
  • Implant work.


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