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Orthodontic Dental Wax for braces Tins Mint Box/50

Model: DWS332
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Great Discount On Mint Orthodontic Relief Wax Tins 50/box

 Packed in Sustainable Planet friendly Tin Plate (steel) cases 100% Recyclable. It can be recycled forever with no loss of quality.

The special properties of Kemdent Ortho wax make it perfect for protecting your gums from the metal edges of braces. The wax is solid at room temperature, but can be softened and shaped by the warmth of your hands. Smoothed onto braces, it sticks to them and creates a buffer between the brackets and the gums. Dental wax remains smooth while in the mouth, and harmlessly flakes away or peels off as it breaks down.

Box of 50 cases. 

Each case has 5 wax strips. 

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