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65% off 3 x CADCAM WAX BLUE 16mm

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CAD/CAM WAX BLANKS 98.5 x 16mm Blue

65% off 3 x CAD CAM Wax Blanks Blue 16mm

Used in the fabrication of wax models, the wax discs burn out without a trace. Not for intra-oral use. used for up to 30 units. Use in the lost wax process for casting, making denture restorations and for frameworks for crown and bridge models. Leaves no residue and has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion. Not soluble in water. 
packaging: 1 Wax blank per box

65% off when you buy 3 x CAD CAM Wax Blanks Blue 16mm

Offer Price: £20.69 + VAT
RRP: £59.10 + VAT

Offer ends: 31/03/2022

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