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Simplex Rapid Liquid

Simplex Rapid Liquid 150ml
Simplex Rapid Liquid 150ml
Simplex Rapid Liquid 150ml
Simplex Rapid Liquid 1L
Simplex Rapid Liquid 500ml
Simplex Rapid Liquid 500ml
Simplex Rapid Liquid 500ml

Kemdent’s Simplex Rapid Powder and Liquid is a self-curing and cold cured acrylic material with multiple applications. It  mixes easily with Simplex Rapid Liquid, cures quickly using hydroflask or bench cure techniques and is very easy to trim and polish, maintaining dentures that are resistant to breakage and fracture. Once cured it is easy to finish. It is well tolerated by the patient’s tongue and soft tissues.

For optimum results, Kemdent recommend measuring out the appropriate quantity of liquid then adding the powder. After about 60 seconds the liquid will have absorbed the correct amount of powder for optimised handling and physical properties. The resultant mix has the consistency of thick custard, the ideal consistency for use as a reline material because it can be poured easily for optimum control with no slump.

Once mixed Simplex Rapid contains a very low residual monomer level, giving it a high degree of mucous membrane tolerance and minimised porosity important for aesthetics and strength. In addition, its high compatibility to acrylic denture bases and teeth means that additions and repairs are much stronger and far less likely to fail.

Sizes: 150ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 25L

Curing: For best results cure in  hydroflask at 40°C fo 10-20 minutes at 30psi. Will also self cure in 20 minutes.

For dental professional use only


"We have been using Simplex Rapid for all of our repairs, indirect relines and additions for many years. We particularly like its porosity-free consistency and good bonding properties, which make it a very reliable product that consistently does the job. We also like the better colour matching we can achieve with Kemdent’s denture base materials, which is extremely important should your dentures come back for additions in the future.

Nicholas O'Conner & Martyn Young, Cotswold Dental Laboratory

To see Kemdent's range of Simplex Rapid Powders to use with Simplex Rapid Liquid, click:


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Instructions for use

Instructions for use - F027 Simplex Rapid Powder and Liquid V4


Using Simplex Rapid to repair a denture

Mixing Simplex self-cure powder and liquid Simplex Rapid has a quick prep time - maximum 6 minutes
Reaches ideal consistency after 4 to 5 minutes Ideally 4-5 minutes before it reaches thick custard like consistency
Technician looking at the ideal consistency, not too runny This consistency is ideal for repair to a denture, not too runny
Showing how quick and easy applying Simplex Rapid is to the denture Applying Simplex Rapid is quick and easy
Technician applying Simplex Rapid When simplex is used for a reline the consistency will need to be thicker which requires a longer preparation time
Adding the denture to a Hydroflask to be cured between 10 to15 minutes It should be cured in a hydroflask between 10-15 minutes
Highlighting the movement of Simplex Rapid Acrylic from the palatal aspect to the labial to hold the tooth in place Whilst curing the Simplex Rapid Repair Acrylic moves from the palatal aspect to the labial to hold the tooth in place
Pointing to the denture highlighting the original mix must have correct consistency This is why the original mix must have the correct consistency
Using a Tungston Carbide Bur or Dental Stone Bur to remove excess material Tungston Carbide Bur or Dental Stone Bur can be used to remove excess material
Technician using a  Fisher Bur to remove the acrylic between the teeth A Fisher Bur will remove the acrylic between the teeth
Technician highlights there is no porosity in the finished repair There is no porosity in the finished repair
Polishing the denture in the Pumice Tray Simplex Rapid Repair Acrylic is easy to trim and polish. We suggest using PumiceSafe Universal Cleaner in your Pumice Tray.
The denture is finished to a rich shine The acrylic will come away cleanly and finish to a rich shine