Top Products For The Perfect Impression

Creating the perfect impression can be simple, sustainable and cost-effective when choosing the right products. By selecting materials that work together to help guarantee excellent detail capture, allow for adjustability and complement the way you work, you can elevate your impressions.


It goes without saying that a high-quality dental impression is fundamental to achieving an excellent restorative outcome. However, finding the right impression materials for the case in hand is often easier said than done, especially if you want to achieve a fantastic depth of detail in more challenging scenarios.

A good impression created using excellent materials benefits everybody involved in the treatment journey. Dentists can save time, technicians will have more accurate information to create precise restorations and patients will receive fast, high-quality care.

So, how can you achieve excellent impression? Kemdent has a number of outstanding solutions available that help guarantee the perfect impression every time:


Godiva Red Impression Cakes

Example Of Godiva Red Impression Compound Being Used

One hurdle that clinicians often encounter when using impression materials is a lack of adjustability. Often, when an impression material is set that is the final result, meaning if there are warped details or other issues, the whole procedure needs to be repeated again using a new material.

As you are probably aware, this is time-consuming and inconvenient, often leaving patients frustrated that the procedure needs to be repeated. Godiva Red Impression Cakes from Kemdent help avoid this issue by offering true adaptability. Formed from a thermoplastic material, the cakes soften when heated and harden when cooled, allowing for excellent detail capture.

The material is easy to adapt, and professionals can just add, remove or replace material as needed during the process until satisfactory results are obtained. As the material can be re-softened for adjustments, this inevitably also means less wasted material, helping you to achieve a perfect impression in a more sustainable manner, too.


Kemdent Impression Green Compound Sticks

Example Of Green Stick Compound Being Used

When a patient is partially or fully edentulous, creating a perfect impression can be more challenging. These gaps in the dentition can mean that impression materials fail to capture adequate detail, which in turn can result in restorations not being satisfactorily accurate and needing to be remade.

Kemdent Impression Green Compound Sticks are an excellent solution. These highly viscous sticks help to capture every part of the sulcal detail, boosting impression accuracy with ease.

Perfect for border extensions on impression trays, these versatile products can also be utilised to modify dental trays, building up where teeth have been extracted to ensure that these spaces don’t detract from the necessary detail capture.

Available in packs of fifteen, these sticks can capture detail where necessary, helping you to save money and work more sustainably – all while achieving excellent outcomes!

Modelling Wax for every occasion

Finding a modelling wax that is suited to your working style and the needs for each case isn’t always straightforward. There is not only the case at hand to consider, but also the climactic conditions of your workplace, especially if you want to use a wax with a low softening temperature.

Modelling Wax Being Used With Impression MaterialsKemdent provides a selection of gold-standard waxes for clinicians. Each wax available has been specifically formulated to have a tightly controlled softening profile, helping to boost predictability and suit efficient working styles. Waxes are available in a range of colours and softening temperatures, meaning that there’s always one that will suit your style.

Additionally, Kemdent has recently introduced a selection of Eco Waxes. These products achieve the same outstanding results but are made using 30% less energy, once again giving you the option to operate more sustainably.

All images used are courtesy of Mike Gregory.

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