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Zinc Oxide and Eugenol B.P.

Zinc Oxide B.P. Powder 28g

Zinc Oxide and Eugenol B.P. meet the British Pharmacopoeia standard. Mix Zinc Oxide B.P. powder and  Eugenol B.P. liquid together to form an economical temporary restoration, base or cementation of crowns, bridges. onlays, inlays, orthodontic bands and brackets.  The mixture is also used for cavity linings under amalgam and silicate restorations, for pulp capping (to protect the pulp from thermal change and acid irritation of cements) and as a temporary seal for medicament dressings.  Do not use as a base for composite restorations. The material combines low solubility and excellent wear resistance to produce a very durable material in the mouth.

Working time from start of mix: >20mins

Mixing time:1 min 30 seconds maximum

Setting Time: Warm conditions decrease and cold conditions increase working and setting times. The material only sets in the oral environment at 37°C in contact with saliva.

Store in a cool, dry, place. Replace cap after use.



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Instructions for use - F069 Zinc Oxide Eugenol V3 1021